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Crown Options without the Metal or Alloy

Procera Allceram Crowns in Andover, MAYour Andover dentist may recommend a crown to you for a number of reasons. This is because a crown provides the support and protection that a regular filling cannot. If a tooth has been damaged, it may be too far broken-down to retain a filling. A crown restores a tooth so that it looks and functions as a whole natural tooth, once again.

Crowns were originally made entirely of metal, or of metal covered with porcelain. Many people are disappointed to hear they will need a crown because they dislike the idea of having any metal visible when they smile.

Metal crowns have proven stable and durable, but is there a lasting and more attractive option?

Yes! Thanks to Procera® AllCeram crowns, you now have the ability to choose a resilient crown that matches your own natural teeth.

Andover Procera Allceram CrownsProcera® AllCeram Crowns

The core of Procera® AllCeram crowns is made from a durable combination of aluminum oxide and porcelain. This means that the core is not made of metal, but rather of biocompatible materials, which reduces the risk of allergic reaction. The outer portion is made from a strong ceramic which captures light the way natural teeth do.

Benefits of Procera® AllCeram Crowns

  • These crowns won’t irritate the gum tissue surrounding the tooth
  • There is a less chance of having any sensitivity in the tooth or a strange taste in the mouth, which have been associated with metal crowns
  • These metal- and alloy-free full-ceramic crowns are made with computer-assisted design and fabrication to ensure a precise fit
  • With all-ceramic crowns, you get both strength and beauty

Visit the dental specialists of the Andover Cosmetic Dental Group for a thorough assessment of your dental needs and to find out how Procera® AllCeram crowns can benefit you.

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