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Fun Halloween Activities in Andover

Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for little ones. With a little effort, the October holiday can be just as much fun for adults! Whether you head outside or stay warm at an indoor event, make the most of Halloween 2015 with one of our favorite activities.

  • Visit haunted places
  • Attend or throw a costume party
  • Trick-or-treat

A Child in Costume with a Halloween Pumpkin in Andover, MA
Want to really get into the spirit of Halloween this October? Head to Harold Parker State Forest and see if you can scare up some good old-fashioned fun in 2015. Visitors report a variety of scary experiences in this Andover forest. However, some recommend that you come around 3 a.m. Then, it is said, you just might see a green light accompanied by eerie sounds. Some attribute these and other unusual goings-on to Native American legends, drownings in a “bottomless” pond, and a host of other events. Whether or not you experience the supernatural, you’ll enjoy the possibilities. Nearby crumbling houses and unmarked graves add to the Halloween-friendly atmosphere.

If your taste in Halloween events is a little more refined — or if you’re a little squeamish when it comes to possible ghost sightings — consider hosting or attending a themed party with costumes this October. Whether you opt for a masquerade ball or a good old-fashioned costume party, prepare to have a frightfully good time. Inject a little mystery into your evening with a masked costume if you’d rather not go the silly or sexy route. Shop early online or visit Andover costume stores to find the perfect get-up.

Children Trick or Treating in Andover, MA
We know — trick-or-treating isn’t exactly a new idea. But even if you spend the day doing other ghoulishly good stuff, why not keep this decades-old tradition going strong? Whether you take the little ones to neighbors’ homes or attend a trunk-or-treat event, Halloween candy-hunting can be both safe and lots of fun.

Whatever your taste, Andover neighborhoods offer plenty of opportunities for ghoulishly good Halloween fun in 2015. Stay safe and have a great time this October!

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