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Holiday Recipes Your Children Will Love

Holiday Fruit Skewer Snack Dish

Most adults look forward to holiday meals for weeks leading up to the big events in November and December. For kids, though, typical holiday fare rarely stirs as much anticipation as the prospect of finding the latest toys wrapped in shiny paper. Make 2015 the year your children get truly excited about holiday dinners with these delicious dishes — just don’t tell them they’re packed with nutrition!

  • Meaty morsels
  • Sweet snacks

Roast beef tenderloin may seem a little grown-up for your kids’ palates, but you might just transform their taste during the 2015 holidays with this trick. Slice beef into strips for dipping in mushroom sauce or a suitable condiment of their choice to make it decidedly more kid-friendly. Meatball pops also make protein more palatable; after all, they look like lollipops! Boost the fun factor by serving a variety of dipping sauces. Are your kids too old for foods on a stick? Opt for ham with a sweet glaze that’s sure to please diners of all ages. Call your favorite Andover butcher shop or grocery store in advance to ensure availability.

Meatball appetizer dish in Andover, MA
Those special November and December snack sessions call for amazing family-friendly dishes. Once again, food-on-a-stick comes to the rescue! Spear strawberries, grapes, kiwi chunks and other fruits onto sticks for a special — yet nutritious — taste treat. Drizzle chocolate over kebabs or provide ramekins of the sauce for dipping. Just melt two tablespoons of skim milk and blend in two ounces of dark chocolate till smooth. Parfaits make another easy, healthy option at snack time. Layer yogurt, their favorite fruits and a nutritious cereal in pretty glasses. Double up when you slice fruit for your kebabs to make this a convenient breakfast option.

When it comes to planning your 2015 holiday menu, it’s actually possible to combine convenience and kid-pleasing deliciousness with nutrition. Start planning early in November, and hit the Andover grocery stores well in advance of those special occasions to maximize your holiday enjoyment.

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