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Is Your New Diet Plan Causing Your Cavities?

For many of us, dental health and overall well-being somehow feel disconnected. At our Andover dental practice, patients often seem surprised when we ask not just about sugary food consumption but diet in general. With so many of us starting new weight-loss diets in keeping with our 2016 resolutions, we hope our February post will help you stay healthy while shedding pounds. We’ll cover these areas:

  • Variety
  • Moderation
  • Healthy New Habits

Woman Looking Shocked at Measuring Tape during Diet Vary Your Diet

Eating a variety of wholesome foods allows you to get the nutrients you need. A balanced diet including plenty of vitamins and fiber boosts your immune system. A properly functioning immune system makes you less vulnerable to cavities, gum disease and a host of other conditions. Improve your diet this February with guidance from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Carrot Cake Slice - Consume in Moderation for Oral Health Eat Moderately

Fad diets aren’t just ineffective in terms of weight loss; they’re also bad for your dental health. Eliminating entire food groups or severely limiting calories can cause you to miss out on important nutrients necessary for a healthy mouth and body. Eating too much, on the other hand, can be equally bad for your oral health and waistline. Each eating occasion creates an environment in which bacteria is more likely to develop in your mouth. Vow to keep bad bacteria at bay in 2016 with moderate eating habits.

Healthy Habits

In 2016, we all know hydration is essential to overall good health. A healthy mouth is no exception. When it comes to moist, sugary foods, though, less is more. It’s sometimes hard to avoid cake and other gooey sweets — especially in February — but it’s important to know that they contribute to tooth decay by sticking to your teeth. Opt for crunchy veggies and small servings of nuts instead. Your mouth and your figure will thank you. If you eat carb-rich foods that can ferment, combine them with other foods to neutralize tooth decay-promoting acids.


We hope you’ve found our February dental-health guide helpful. We want to help our Andover patients and others achieve optimal health through positive new habits in 2016. Call our office if you would like to learn more helpful tips about to maintain a healthy mouth.


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