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Oral Cancer: 3 Common Causes and Symptoms

You probably think that you know the top causes of oral cancer, but do you really? When it comes to your dental care, Andover Cosmetic Dental Group takes proactive measures to screen for and diagnose abnormal and precancerous tissues in their earliest forms. One of the ways we do that is by educating our patients so that they can know what the warning signs and contributing factors are. While you might be familiar with some types of oral cancer risk factors, there are a few others that you may not. Here are some of the most common oral cancer causes:

Sunset on the Beach

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Viruses Certain types of viruses have been found to cause cancers such as oral and cervical cancer. HPV is one of these and there may be others.   Sun Exposure Prolonged sun damage causes classical tissue trauma as well as oral cancer in areas like the lower lip. Initial signs include loss of the visual border that separates your lip from the rest of your skin.

Cigarettes harmful to teeth

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Alcohol and Tobacco Use Alcohol, cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco are all known to cause oral cancers (along with others.) This is typically due to the chemical exposure of these products to your skin. Unfortunately, cancer can form even when these products are used sparingly.   Unknown Even the healthiest dental patients may develop oral cancer without any risk factors at all. The causes are simply unknown. That’s why at Andover Cosmetic Dental Group we perform a thorough oral cancer screening on every patient that we treat. The earlier your abnormal or cancerous tissues are identified, the more successful your treatment outcome may be. Watch for signs of white or red lesions, sores that do not heal, or tissues that appear different on one side of your mouth than the other. If symptoms persist more than 2 weeks, we may need to conduct a biopsy. If you have concerns about your oral health, call the Andover Cosmetic Group or visit our website to complete an online appointment form.

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