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Oral Health Care Concerns for Seniors

As you age, special care needs to be taken to maintain your overall health. Caring for your mouth is no exception.

What are some specific oral health issues for the elderly?

  • Gum recession and tooth sensitivity
  • Cavities on root surfaces
  • Health conditions effecting your mouth like diabetes, cancer or heart disease
  • Medical disorders or medications causing dry mouth
  • Caring for dentures
  • Gum disease and the following contributing factors: poor diet, stress or smoking, and poor oral hygiene habits

Senior Woman at the Dentist in Andover, MA

What you can do to avoid the above oral health concerns:

At all ages, you need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

If your gums have receded, it is important to use a fluoride toothpaste on your tooth roots and floss daily. This will help to prevent cavities and sensitivity on your exposed tooth roots.

When you have dry mouth, that condition can also make you susceptible to getting cavities. Ask your dentist about saliva substitutes to help keep your mouth moist. Fluoride rinses are perfect for reducing your risk of tooth decay.

If you have dentures, ask your dentist how to properly care for them each day. Regular denture checkups are also important to ensure that your dentures continue to fit properly.

Older Woman Brushing Teeth in Andover, MA

Since gum disease can be reversible at an early stage, regular checkups can help to catch it early. Good oral hygiene habits will help to prevent gum disease in the first place – preventing unnecessary tooth loss.

Are you a senior, who is currently experiencing some dental issues?

Call Andover Dental Group to schedule a dental exam and cleaning today! We will be happy to discuss any dental health concerns you may have – and keep you smiling for life!


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