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The 3 Biggest Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are now a must-have for the modern dental provider. Since their implementation into dentistry, patients and dentists alike have benefited from the positive influence that digital radiography has brought to offices like Andover Cosmetic Dental Group.

Digital X-rays Save Time
Traditional dental X-rays took several minutes to run through a chemical processor and then required another minute or two to mount them into place. If the image did not come out well, it had to be taken again and the process repeated. With digital imaging, the radiograph is captured instantly – making it visible to our patients without any extra waiting time. This alone reduces every appointment by 5-10 minutes and allows our patients to have faster access to care. Not only that, but harmful chemicals are no longer needed for the processing stage!

Radiation is Reduced
Radiation levels are reduced by as much as 75-90% when x-rays are taken digitally. Although dental x-rays have always used very low radiation, this is a significant improvement when it comes to the safety of our patients. That’s because the imaging devices we use are much more sensitive to radiation than traditional x-ray film, allowing even better images to be captured during the procedure.

Enhanced Imaging Improves the Communication Process
We know that our patients want to be able to see what is going on for themselves. With our high definition digital x-rays, Andover Cosmetic Dental Group can enhance the size of the images as well as send them electronically to better facilitate communication with our patients. It also allows us to provide minimally invasive care, as areas of concern can be identified in their smallest stages.

X-rays are needed to screen for bone loss, tooth decay, or when patients visit us to discuss a concern with their smile. Come by Andover Cosmetic Dental Group for exceptional care that’s more than just “routine.”

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