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The Tooth Decay Index: How Do Your Favorite Foods Affect Your Oral Health?


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We all have our favorite go-to snacks and foods that we enjoy eating every day. How do they affect our dental health? When it comes to things like tooth decay and oral hygiene, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Is It A Liquid?

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Liquids are dangerous when it comes to your dental health. Even if you think you’re being good by drinking diet soda, fruit juice, or a sports drink, they contain natural or artificial sweeteners, which lower the pH inside of your mouth. As a liquid, the acidic effects occur across all of the tooth surfaces, especially between teeth. This will dramatically increase your risk of cavities. Keep liquids (even sweetened tea or coffee) to a minimum, preferably with a meal.

How Often Are You Eating It?

The more frequently you expose your teeth to food, the more of a toil it will take on their integrity. Plaque and acid accumulation are easier to manage when food is kept to mealtimes or specific snack times, rather than munched on for a couple of hours throughout the afternoon.

Do You Get Sensitivity?

If your snacks trigger sensitivity, then it’s time to see a dentist. Specific triggers to look for are sweet sensitivity, or sensitivity to hot or cold on specific teeth. If the same tooth is sensitive every time you eat your food, then you most likely have a cavity or some other type of tooth related infection. Your dentist can check in with a quick exam and x-ray to put your mind at ease.

Andover Cosmetic Dental Group provides comprehensive family dentistry in Andover and Essex County. If you feel like your favorite foods are taking a toil on your teeth, then it’s time to give us a call!

If you would like more information about tooth decay prevention, please contact the Acton Concord Dental Group at (978) 475-9111.

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