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Top 5 Places to Dine in Essex County

Lobster Meal at The Causeway Restaurant in Andover, MA

Image courtesy of The Causeway Restaurant in Andover, Massachusetts

While visiting the County of Essex, there are many opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine. The area offers a variety of fresh seafood in addition to a mixture of fine beef and ethnic dishes. Here are the top five places I have dined in Essex County.

  • Causeway Restaurant
  • Barrel House American Bar
  • Village Restaurant
  • Duckworth’s Bistrot
  • The Garden House Restaurant

A local favorite, the Causeway Restaurant is known for its fine seafood. However, the extended menu provides many non-fish entrees as well. Portions are large, so prepare to share. Popular choices are the chicken parmesan or spaghetti and massive meatballs. I never leave this place hungry.

Causeway Restaurant

  • Long list of fresh seafood dishes
  • Affordable prices
  • Family atmosphere

This neighborhood bistro is located in historic Ellis Square. The charming atmosphere sets the stage for a fabulous meal. I believe this place offers the best burgers in the area, but the menu also includes classic American fare like grass fed beef, barbecue chicken, pork shank, and much more.

The Barrel House is well known for its extensive bar. The signature “Whisky Smash” is my favorite. Its balanced taste is a perfect precursor to any meal.

Barrel House

  • Extensive whisky menu
  • Fabulous atmosphere
  • Reservations available for a regular table
Scallop Dinner in Andover, MA

Image source: Morguefile

Another place to grab fresh seafood is the Village Restaurant. Famous for their fried clams, diners come from all parts of the region for a taste of local cuisine. The Sicilian chowder and fried lobster are also some of my favorites.

Village Restaurant

  • Food is always fresh and delicious
  • Reasonable prices
  • Great desserts including the white chocolate bread pudding

Duckworth’s Bistrot is an excellent choice for an upscale romantic dinner or special celebration. To avoid becoming overstuffed, the seasonal menu offers gourmet choices in half-portions. I always enjoy the delectable flavors of scallops, lobster risotto, duck leg confit, or eggplant tartine. Desserts are exceptional as well.

Duckworth’s Bistrot

  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Creative dishes with fresh ingredients

The Garden House serves the best Korean cuisine in Massachusetts. The staff always makes me feel right at home. Diners enjoy authentic dishes with a taste that is never too spicy. The barley tea, served with each meal, is a tremendous bonus.

Garden House

  • Family atmosphere with friendly service
  • Vast array of side dishes

If you are looking for a delicious meal before your dental procedure with the Andover Dental Group, Essex County has plenty of options that are sure to satisfy your every craving.

Business Addresses:

Causeway Restaurant

Address: 78 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA01930

Phone: (978) 281-5256

Barrel House

Address: 252 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA01915

Phone: (978) 998-4627

Village Restaurant

Address: 55 Main Street, Essex, MA

Phone: 978-768-6400

Duckworth’s Bistrot

Address: 197 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA01930

Phone: (978) 282-4426

Garden House

Address: 108 Winthrop Avenue, Lawrence, MA01843

Phone: (978) 691-5448

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