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Top Places to Study in Andover

The school year is now in full swing, so it’s time to hit the books and get back at it. To get away from the video games, the TV, the refrigerator, or any other distractions that taunt you at home, his these spots for some serious study time.

Ultimate Perk
96 Main Street
Andover, Mass. 01810

There’s not a ton of tables inside, so on a frosty winter morning, you better get here early. But there are tables outside, and there’s free wi-fi, and good, home-brewed coffee (and even brewed flavored coffees, not simply some vanilla or hazelnut syrup added in). They also offer fair trade organic coffee, and your favorite teas, as well. Oh, and doughnuts. They sell doughnuts. What goes better with calculus than a maple with nuts?

Memorial Hall Library
2 No. Main St.
Andover, Mass. 01810

So you’ve had your coffee, and you just need a spot to sit down and crack the books. What better place than a whole building filled top to bottom with books? The Memorial Hall Library has free wi-fi and plenty of tables with outlet strips, so you should have no trouble getting connected in a hurry. There’s an ample music and DVD collection, if you need something to inspire you, and when your brain is dizzy with facts and figures, just step over to the fish tank and watch the angel fish float around to put your mind back at ease.

Andover Bookstore
89R Main Street
Andover, Mass. 01810

Founded in 1809, the Andover Bookstore is the second-oldest continually-operating bookstore in America. But it’s more than a bookstore — it’s the cultural heart of Andover, with frequent readings, author visits, a warm fire, and plenty of comfy chairs just waiting for some serious studying. Not only that, but it’s not uncommon that a plate of cookies and a pot of coffee is on offer.

Museum Learning Center Library at the Addison Gallery of American Art
Phillips Academy
180 Main Street
Andover, MA 01810-4161

When it comes right down to it, sometimes what you really need to study is just some peace and quiet. You’ll find exactly that at the library in the Museum Learning Center of the Addison Gallery. Located on the campus of the world-famous Phillips Academy, the Addison is free of charge and holds one of the most comprehensive collections of American art in the world, featuring over 17,000 pieces. The Museum Learning Center invites students, teachers, and scholars to study the gallery’s collections, and also features a quiet library open to the public, with expansive tables and, with all that incredible art around, plenty of inspiration!

Starbucks Coffee Company
562 Turnpike Street
North Andover, Mass. 01845

If what helps you study is caffeine and plenty of it, then Starbucks is your go-to. The coffee is tasty, reliable, and there’s just something about knowing what to expect to set your mind at ease — so you can worry about that big chemistry test coming up! This location can get busy, but also has it’s quiet times — but the staff is always friendly and fast, which is key when you trying to cram for an exam.

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