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What to Expect at Your Oral Exam

Why should you have an oral exam? A comprehensive oral exam serves a dual purpose: it enables our dentists to get to know you and your individual dental needs and concerns and it helps you to make the most informed decisions possible about your dental care. Take a virtual step into the office of the Andover Cosmetic Dental Group and see what you can expect at your oral exam.

Dental X-Rays at an Oral Exam in Andover, MA

Modern Diagnostic Technology

Your initial exam will include all the x-ray imaging that our doctors need to have a clear picture of what is going on inside, between, and below your teeth. X-rays can reveal cavities, infections, and loss of bone. They also show the positions of your teeth in relation to each other. X-rays are one of our most important diagnostic tools!

A Patient at an Oral Exam in Andover, MA

A Full Dental Examination

When one of our experienced dentists examines your teeth, you will not just learn whether or not you have cavities. You will also be informed of the state of your existing fillings and how the position of your teeth and jaw affect the future of your smile.

We are also happy to offer you a cosmetic smile evaluation in which we work with you to design your perfect looking smile!

Seeing Beyond Your Teeth

As you must know, your mouth is made up of more than your teeth, alone. Your initial comprehensive exam with the doctor will include a thorough oral cancer screening. Even if you think you aren’t at risk, a regular screening will enable us to keep track of any suspicious changes.

No dental exam is complete without evaluating the health of your gums, so we make sure to check for any signs of periodontal (gum) disease before you leave.

Our friendly and diversely-skilled team of dental professionals is eager to welcome you. So don’t forget to schedule your oral exams every 6 months at Andover Cosmetic Dental Group!

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