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What is GLO Science Whitening?

GLO Science Whitening DeviceGLO Science Whitening is a convenient way to whiten your teeth at home with results similar to an in-office laser whitening procedure. GLO uses Guided Light Optic technology to impact the whitening gel, making it work quickly and more effectively than conventional whitening trays. The system features a comfortable mouthpiece that uses built in LED lighting and heat resistance technology.

Get More Out of Your Whitening Treatment

With GLO, Andover Cosmetic Dental Group patients can experience 5 times the whitening effects compared to other types of teeth whitening treatments. The GLO mouthpiece targets the whitening and stain molecules as it is worn, allowing stains to be lifted more quickly than whitening trays that are used without LED light technology.

Woman holding picture before teeth whitening and afterAvoid Sensitivity

Because GLO is so effective, it uses a whitening gel that is free of alcohol or carbamide peroxide; common ingredients that can cause tooth sensitivity or dry mouth. Our GLO whitening patients can comfortably brighten their smiles without these common side effects. The built-in LED light system allows a milder whitening gel to be more effective, giving you the results you want with the sensitivity that you demand.

Lift Deep Stains from Teeth and Restorations

If you’ve compared different types of whitening products, most will tell you that they cannot be used on dental restorations such as crowns, veneers or tooth colored fillings. GLO can! Although the porcelain coloration will not change, GLO safely and easily removes stain particles that have built up over the restorations throughout your mouth.

Are you a candidate for GLO whitening? Andover Cosmetic Dental Group is happy to discuss your options with you. After screening for tooth decay or other dental concerns, most patients can start their GLO whitening treatment on the very same day. Call us to find out more.


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